Malicious Jellyfish in Japanese ocean

Malicious Jellyfish in Japanese ocean

Here we are not only talk about the biggest jellyfish in the world but also the problem that caused by that sensitive and deadly animal. In Japan recently, overpopulated jellyfishes shows it serious effect. Anglers in this country suffer with the present of Giant Jellyfishes that is named Nomura Jellyfish. This jellyfish is large and has average height 2 meters tall and average weight 220kg.

nomura Jellyfish 1 The Biggest and Most Malicious Jellyfish in the World

Nomura Jellyfish

Naturally, Nomura Jellyfish do not reside in Japanese ocean. Their native habitat is in the center of Yellow sea until East China Sea. They transmigrated to, swept, or dragged to Japanese ocean because they are driven by the lack of food supplies on their native place and the lack of predator in Japanese ocean such as turtle.

nomura Jellyfish 2 The Biggest and Most Malicious Jellyfish in the World

nomura Jellyfish

nomura Jellyfish 3 The Biggest and Most Malicious Jellyfish in the World

Nomura Jellyfish invasion

This giant and deadly animal has crowded Japan Ocean since 2005.Nomura is not a friendly ally. To get food they demand they can drown Japanese Pukat,fishing boat, torpedoes even injured unfortunate anglers that try to cast the faceless beast from their fish net. The good new is, although Nomura now consider Japanese ocean as their new land, they do not come back to the ocean every year. Some marine scientist found Nomura Jellyfish suddenly overcrowded the ocean and than at the same time next year, they do not appear. The present of the Nomura Jellyfish aggression is unpredictable. This is the bittersweet fact that is coming together with the new present of biggest jellyfish in the world in Japanese ocean.(